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(Following is an excerpt from the novel of famous Indo-American writter......) 
Must read for the one u love from bottom of ur heart 


I thought love is about hugs and kisses 
And being there when you need me. 

But as we walk to the path of forever I knew, 
Love is about sharing my life with you. 

We knew we're not perfect for each other 
But no one knows why we still have each other. 

We're just two imperfect persons that 
Fits like a puzzle pieces in this world. 

I will hurt you, you will hurt me. 
And we will fight for a hundred reasons. 

But that doesn't mean I'll give up on you. 
I'm so much in love with you to do that. 

I'll love you even when you're angry and mad. 
I'll love you even you forgot to love yourself 

I'd still love you the day after forever. 
I will love you like the world is ending. 

I will always be yours through the good and bad. 
Through ups and downs. Through happy and sad. 

I knew forever do exist. Forever is real. 
Because I saw forever every time I look at you. 

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Theory on flirting


Flirting can’t be defined, as it differ from person to person. 

In general term ,this is something to do with engage the attention of her they crave for. 

Being flirt isn’t a tuff job; the challenge is to succeed in it. Thus, in this article i have 
listed few tricks that can help you flirt in a 
better way to get attention. (self tested) 

1.Be Yourself:- 

The basic acts to flirt are, start behaving real and get the answers for you first. 

You can be your best teacher and thus can decide the best type of person for you. 
Even if the truth is very difficult that you 
can’t handle, “Apko Aishwarya to milne se rahi.” 

2.Become Easy To Guess :- 

Know that your psychologically may not be the same like the one in opposite. 

Even if you just want to impress a girl, your 
body posture could be sending a very wrong 
signal. Thus, it is vital that you don’t be very 
fidgety or get anxious. Act confident and be 
comfortable even when your are 
answering the call, walking, while talking 
to friends. Don’t try to be a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” 

3.Be Interested And Not Flirty:- 

Stop overdosing your Casanova and act 
confident, charming that anyone would 
want to date with. However, we don’t 
want you be a 007 here that may make 
you look egoistic fool. Try to approach with a smile and eye contact as a best flirting Tool. 
“Ghorna band kigiye”… she can feel quite 

4.Conversation Must Be Interesting::- 

This is the basic test for your flirting ability 
that can make you the champion in this art. 
You must try to get attention of the girl 
with your lovely words. Make sure your words 
can bring her a smileby adding some 
humour. Aur agar“Hassi to Phassi”. 

5.Let Her Reply':- 

Try to share more of your life like the job 
or an education maybe that can impress her. 
Start sharing your things from your past 
like schooldays, struggle, gymming goals, etc. 

6.Be Humorous:- 
This is the best magnet that will help you attract girls… 
no Govinda jokes please! 


* 8 Things To Do Before You Turn 25 *

* 8 Things To Do Before You Turn 25 * 

© Nishant Arora, 2015. 

By the time you hit your mid-twenties, there 
should a paradigm shift in one's priorities. 
Here are some of the important ones which have 
made my list. 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's about time you 
start earning what you spend. I'm not implying 
that one has to have a high-end job and as for 
those who are pursuing higher studies, kudos to 
them but start making your own money. Work in a 
cafe for a few hours that you can spare, get 
internships during semester breaks, baby-sit for 
extra cash, tutor school children. There are so 
many small and big things you can do. No job is 
demeaning and work is work. Money earned 
through your labour is so much more sweeter (and 
tougher) to spend. 

Yes, I know that lovely work of bronzed leather 
from Michael Kors is must-have or that pair of 
jeans from Benetton is just the right fit or the 
exquisite Swatch is the 'in'-thing to own. But 
people, curb your desires. In this world of 
unstable and eccentric economy, it is always 
better to save money for the future. 

Incredibly important. Your parents aren't that 
young anymore. We all lead busy lives with work, 
friends, socializing and what not. But amidst all 
this, it is necessary for you to make some time for 
your parents, the most important people in your 

That's succinct in itself. Go out people. Have fun. 
You can only be this young and this free for a 
short-while. Make good use of it. 

Atleast. If you have not loved, you have not lived 

Yes, you can order in take-outs. But it is much 
more convenient and economical to know how to 
cook. Men and women, alike should atleast know a 
few neat kitchen tricks and trust me, live alone or 
live in a hostel, the knowledge of making a handy 
scrumptious omelette or roti and sabji can be life- 
saving and not to mention the fact your mother 
will finally see you as an adult. 

We go about the world with an attitude that it 
owes us something. It doesn't. But we do. So do 
something. Spend a few hours in an old-age home 
or teach a group of poor kids, maybe those of 
your house-help. Donate your old clothes that is 
collecting dust in the closet. There are so many 
ways we can help those in need. Find your way 
and do it. 

This is truly the most important of all. Learn about 
who you are. Love yourself for who you are. Live 
for you who are.

is it

something about life part 1

Some Question need to be asked from every depressed individual...... 

Q. What were you doing just before you died? 

A. I was hanging from the ceiling fan and 
struggling to breathe. The rope had started to cut into my neck. I should have opted for a cloth instead of that nylon rope. 

Q. Why did you hang yourself ? 

A. I was not able to live up to my parent's 
expectations. I scored poorly in my exams and was unable to get into any decent engineering college. 

Q. Okay. Who did you leave behind? 

A. My father and my mother. 

Q. Do you think your life was complete? 

A. Sir, it's funny you should ask this question. I was 17. All I ever did was my assignments, class notes, extra classes, tuitions and JEE coaching, 
and I hate to admit but I died a virgin. So you see, I was not exactly a ripe candidate for death. 

Q. So why did you do it? 

A. I guess I just could not take all the stress. 

Q. If I give back your life to you, how would you 
spend it differently? 

A. I will focus on my passions. I used to write quite well as a kid. I would pick up the Pen 'n' paper again and channelize my energy towards that. 
I will star far away from fake goals that I had to swallow down my throat. So, are you giving me another life? 

* Poof! * 

I vanish, leaving the poor sufferer shocked and dismayed. But the idiot should have known, has anyone ever got a second life? 

~ Final Conversation 
~~~~~~Your life is not yours only~~~~~~